Too cold to twist

I have the deepest respect for network installation professionals, those whom we rely upon to connect cables and patch panels as the infrastructure base for any network. However, I do not envy them their work now when it is cold.

My current project is a bit on hold due to only having 6 degrees celsius where my network cabinet is located, it is indoors, but in a non-insulated area of my house, just under the roof tiles. Have to change my current non-grounded plastic keystones to metallic grounded ones. Won’t bring in any heater either due to energy costs. Tried a bit, but the cabling is very stiff and after a small while so are my fingers. I wonder if there are any tricks to this… I can wait, but them pros can not.

I hope my friend Hakan, one of those professionals, is able to do most of his work indoors. Respect going your way, pal.