Browser: Vivaldi

I am a man of many browsers. Remembering how I backed up IE 3.02 on a few floppy drives back in the late 90’s, my usage has been inconsistent, lengthy, and full of experiments. As the web develops so does browsers. Many times I pondered what to use and tried something different. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Maxthon, and perhaps a few others I do not recall.

The last few years have raised a focus on privacy and tracking. So I went for Firefox – and I actually think Firefox is the one browser I used the most, besides Microsoft’s contraptions. Sadly it always lacked in performance. So about a year ago I started looking out for what newer faster and privacy-oriented applications might be available. I was using Edge at the time, Microsoft’s chrome-based contraption had still some annoying limitations. Having a bunch of Windows and Office licenses I did not see that as a serious privacy issue since MS already has a lot of my personal information accessible via those.

Yet still I went on going back to Firefox plus Brave and Vivaldi in a rather quick sequence of tests and reviews. Firefox was still sluggish. Brave has some weird things going I never caught on with Tokens and Rewards that instantly and definitely put me off. So Vivaldi.
Vivaldi Browser Logo

Let me set a couple of things straight before anything else: I may not be the one to look at for a competent or relevant review of browsers you may wish for. You probably already noticed. I was looking for a fast browser with a good Bookmarks management and decent privacy. Chrome based allows for many additional plugins, but to be honest I only use 4-5 to date.

The main thing Vivaldi has is a very good start page option with ample methods of customizing and presenting many Bookmarks even in categorised views using Tabs. That sold me more than anything else.

My Vivaldi start page

You can have many bookmarklets, or Speed Dials,, you can have folders of Speed Dial categories (as you see in the menu bar in the image above) and you can resize the graphics in five different sizes. If you want a clutter, you can have it, if you need a neatly organized structure, you can have that.

Of course, there are many other factors to consider when choosing a browser, such as additional plugins, security features, and more. However, for me, Vivaldi’s bookmark management and customization options were the selling points.

While I acknowledge that my review may not be the most comprehensive or relevant for everyone, I encourage you to do your own research and testing to find the best browser for your needs. After all, each individual’s requirements and preferences may vary, and it’s important to make an informed decision. There are, obviously, many other concerns I have not addressed.
Vivaldi features