The new year comes with promises…

… again. How quaint. Well, for one thing I need to finish the mess I started with my network cabling, see previous posts about that.

Old Network Cabinet

I also made a small edit to my main site but it is short and long between them. I do not think I will make that one a WP site, but I should probably add a link this this place from there.

As for my continued SohoLabs I do not predict any major changes, I still strive for higher security and easier maintenance. Some may say this is a contradiction and I do not blame them. I may scrap IPFire for OPNSense, giving the latter another go. Then again I am also pondering Arista / Untangle. Bleh, keep trying. Keeping the self hosted on-premises approach of course, anything else is unwarranted cost, now that I have the hardware.

So in all this I wish my audience of millions a Happy New 2023. Despite all that is happening, lets try to rejoice the things we can actually control.